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" 'An Angel is Born: A Family's Story' is a personal and candid memoir set in the small coal-mining town of Weeksbury in the Appalachia mountains of Kentucky. When Johnson writes of what life was like for him and the families in this community, his narrative reads like a candid conversation with a family elder who has lived through interesting times. 'An Angel is Born' offers detailed and descriptive insights into a town's evolving economic conditions and families afflicted by tragedies. Ultimately inspiring, 'An Angel is Born' is an engaging read and highly recommended, especially for anyone struggling to deal with their own problematic life issues."
- James A. Cox, Editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review

"What an incredible story. The book was comforting on many levels and I so appreciate your willingness to share it with me. I work in a school that trains therapists and plan to pass the book on to some of the counselors and faculty here at the school who work in the area of grief and loss."
- Evelyn Haas, Adler Graduate School, Dir. of Admissions & Student Services

"An Angel is born is a book that will make you loose track of time! I read this book in one day, I just couldn't it down. The writers descriptions made me feel like I was there hovering over the people as all the events happened. The way the story flowed made me feel as though I was part of the Johnson family and I was sitting with my grandparents listening to my family history! I would recommend this book to anyone with a pulse! This is a great book to loose track of time with."
- Nina Hermosillo

"I fell in love with Angel and your family. Let me give you now my sympathies for your loss. What a beautiful story of love and faith! Thank you for sharing it."
- Jo LeSaint, Incarnation Church Respect Life Committee coordinator

"This book had my attention from beginning to end. You get a little piece of history while reading about two parents’ undeniable and everlasting love for their child, Angel Rose. The devotion that Lily had, caring for her child every single moment from the day she was born until the day of her passing, and the overwhelming loss that comes along with it, really touched my heart. If you really want a story that is going to move you, this is it."
- Nikki Thompson

"This book is a true story! Not only about Angel a child with 'inabilities' born to a family and loved; but also about the small Kentucky community of Weeksbury and the people and their struggles. Fascinating read and sweetly written!"
- Judith Palmateer, Goodreads.com

"This book has really amazed me..........I LOVE IT."
- Barbara Roop, Born and raised in Weeksbury, KY

"I enjoyed the stories immensely and was so touched by Lilly and Bill’s devotion to their only child, Angel. In the section on Angel’s death, I was so moved by the spiritual aspect of what occurred in those final days. WOW!"
- Teresa McDonald